Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors General Information

Is Licensure in Nevada Mandatory? Are there any exceptions?

Licensure or Certification is Mandatory in the State of Nevada; Exceptions:

If you are a:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker;
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist;
  • Licensed Psychologist;
  • Physician or Nurse

who is licensed pursuant to that Nevada Boards regulations and approval.

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      NRS 641C.250

      License or certificate is revocable privilege; holder acquires no vested right. A license or certificate issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter is a privilege that may be revoked in accordance with the disciplinary procedures set forth in this chapter and in regulations adopted by the board pursuant thereto, and no holder of such a license or certificate acquires thereby any vested right.

        General Requirements:

        • No abuse of alcohol or controlled substances or problems with gambling for a period of 2 years before submitting application
        • If you are on parole or probation the Board will not consider your application for a period of two-years after the completion
        • Completed application and requested information that includes: Finger print cards, social security number, resume, copy of birth certificate, or drivers license or passport and documentation of the completion of a high school education, explanation of any arrests/convictions, and letters of recommendation
        • Must be 21 years of age
        • Is a citizen of the United States or is lawfully entitled to remain and work in the United States –proof of citizenship or proof that an applicant is able to work in the United States

          Please note: You will be required to provide the Board with any and all information concerning any arrests, convictions, indictments, suspensions or revocations. If you have any convictions, arrests or etc. you cannot do substance abuse or problem gambling counseling until approved by the B oard. An individual on parole or probation will not be considered for certification or licensure until such time as they have finished and have been off parole or probation for a minimum of two-years.

            Allowances: NAC 641C.205

            WITH A BACHELORS DEGREE: If you complete 18 semester units in addictions you will reduce the number of required hours of employment experience to 1,500 hrs.,
            WITH A MASTERS DEGREE: If you complete 12 semester units in addictions you will reduce the number of hours of practical experience to 1,500 hrs