Testing Information & Dates

After you have applied for certification/licensure and fulfilled all Requirements

    Written Exams

    • 1. LADC & LCADC will take the AADC Written Exam Master degree level
    • 2. CADC will take the ADC Written Exam Bachelor degree level

    Candidate Guides

    The respective Candidate Guides for each examination can be found on the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium's website along with other preparatory information.

      The Board will pre-register you with IC&RC.  IC&RC will then contact you regarding available testing dates and guidelines for registering.

        Oral Boards

        The format of the exam is as follows:

          1. Upon arrival at the site, you will be given a written case study with a worksheet.

          2. You will have 45 minutes to read the case study and develop

            1. a DSM V diagnosis and justification,
            2. a level of care based on new ASAM published in 2013criteria and driving dimensions,
            3. a treatment plan that includes identification of client issues or problems, treatment goals, and methods to reach those goals,
            4. a discharge plan that includes level of care and justification based on new ASAM and
            5. a response to an ethical dilemma that is part of the case study.

              All of the information needed to develop this information (except the discharge plan), is included in the case. You are free to make assumptions or add information. However, anything you add must be reasonable and must be appropriate for the case and clearly identified while presenting your case.
          3. After the 45-minute case study review, you will present the case to the Board. You will have 20 minutes to complete the oral presentation. You may take the worksheet into the presentation for reference. The Board will not ask questions about the case. Your score will be based solely on the information and justification of the information that you present on the case. While you will have 20 minutes, you are not required to use the full 20 minutes.