Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor

Please review the specific requirements for each of the levels of licensure/certification to select the appropriate level application packet.

    • Official transcripts showing completion of a Bachelors degree in approved social science field from an accredited college or university
    • Proof of the completion of 2 years full time employment (4,000 hours) supervised experience providing alcohol and drug abuse counseling (see allowances)
    • Submittal of $495.00 (this includes $150.00 for request for application, $60.00 processing fee, $100.00 oral exam fee, and $185.00 written exam fee)
    • Written exam covers:
      • The Board will pre-register you with IC&RC. IC&RC will then contact you regarding available testing dates and guidelines for registering.
    • You will be taking the IC&RC ADC written examination.
    • An individual must pass the examinations required by the board with an average score of at least 70% to proceed to the oral boards
    • Oral exam – an individual must receive a 70% or better to pass


        NAC 641C.205

          WITH A BACHELORS DEGREE: If you complete 18 semester units in addictions you will reduce the number of required hours of employment experience to 1,500 hrs.,
          WITH A MASTERS DEGREE: If you complete 12 semester units in addictions you will reduce the number of hours of practical experience to 1,500 hrs

            NAC 641C.070 "Field of social science" interpreted; qualification of degree.

              For the purposes of this chapter and NRS 641C.350, 641C.390, 641C.420, 641C.430 and 641C.440:

                1. The Board will interpret the term “field of social science” to mean:
                  1. Any program in:
                    1. Counseling alcohol and substance abusers;
                    2. Counseling problem gamblers;
                    3. Psychiatry;
                    4. Psychology;
                    5. Social work;
                    6. Marriage and family therapy;
                    7. Nursing; or
                    8. Medicine; or
                  2. Any other program related to the study of the human mind and mental illness.
                2. The Board may consider whether the course descriptions for a degree from an accredited college or university that includes at least 2 4 semester hours or 32 quarter hours of courses relating to counseling qualify the degree as a degree in a “field of social science.”