Gambling Supervision Change - Effective July 1, 2023


  1. Completion of the Clinical Supervision Course for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors
  2. Two years experience doing problem gambling counseling
  3. Submittal of an application approved by the Board. The application is available from the Board or on the Board’s website.
  4. Submittal of the application, proof of completion of the mandatory supervisors course and fees of $60.00

The certificate is valid for 2-years

Recertification & Licensure Requirements

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Certification, Licensure and Problem Gambling Certification are valid for 2 years. Fee for re-certification is $250. With a late fee of $75.00
  • Proof of completion of 3 hours of training in confidentiality and 3 hours of training in ethics – must submit proof of attendance to the Board when renewing
  • Fingerprints
  • Intern certification valid for up to 10 years with submittal and approval of all 6-month reports and renewal fees of $37.50. Reports are due by July 15 and January 15 of each year. Late fee of $75.00 will be charged if the reports are not received by those dates.
  • Persons certified or licensed as a counselor must accrue 40 hours of approved training in the 2 year period to renew certificate
  • An intern must submit the following CEU's/CEH’s: (If attending college as part of Internship or to reduce your hours you will not receive credit for course work as CEU’s)
    A. 15 CEU's in first 3 months – must include 6 hours of training in Ethics and 6 hours of training in Confidentiality – must submit proof to the Board of attendance
    B. 10 CEU's in the second 6 months
    C. 20 CEU's during each year of registration thereafter
  • Supervisor’s certification is valid for 2 years.
    A. Must attend 10 hours of continuing education that pertain to counseling supervision, ethics and Nevada law during the 2-year certification period. These hours maybe included in the hours required for maintaining his license as a counselor pursuant to subsection 1.

Waiver of Examinations

  • If you are requesting a waiver of the examination for either a problem gambling counselor, alcohol and drug abuse counselor or Native American alcohol and drug abuse counselor please indicate so on the request for application.
  • Submit the request for application and fees of $150. Balance of fees will be due with the submittal of the application.

An applicant for licensure or certification without examination pursuant to NRS 641C.300 must submit to the board:

  1. A written application on a form prescribed by the board;
  2. The applicable fee;
  3. Proof satisfactory to the board that the license or other credential held by the applicant:
    (a) Was issued by another state, a territory or possession of the United States, or the District of Columbia;
    (b) Is currently valid and in good standing; and
  4. A statement of whether a license or other credential has ever been suspended, revoked or otherwise restricted for any reason.
    (a). The board will review each applicant on an individual basis and will consider the circumstances before and after the time the certificate or license was suspended, revoked or otherwise restricted for any reason;
  5. Fingerprint cards and the appropriate fees.
  6. Proof satisfactory to the board that the applicant is otherwise qualified to engage in the practice of counseling alcohol and drug abusers or problem gamblers: (SB351-sect 19.2)
    (a) Applicant must have had a masters or bachelor’s degree in an appropriate social science field at the time application was made in another state, territory or possession of the United States, or the District of Columbia.
    (b) For problem gambling counselors an applicant must have had a minimum or 2,000 h ours practical experience-providing problem gambling counseling.
    (c) For problem gambling counselors an applicant must have passed the examination required by the board from a national testing organization, equal to the level used by the Board of Examiners for Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Counselors must pass the examinations required with an average score of at least 70%.